Finance Tips

Community Auto Credit's goal is to help you get into a car as quickly and painlessly as possible. In order to help you get in a car we have written a brief explanation of some key factors to understand when looking for a car.

First, over the past 10 years the lending industry has become very formula driven. Things for the most part, come down to a single number, your FICO score. The lenders and dealers in the Community Auto Credit network look at more than just your FICO scorce. Our lending network looks at your income, how long you have worked at your job and/or how long you have lived in the same place. You want to emphasize any points of stability in your life so the lender understands that you will be reliable when it comes to pay them back.

Additionally, you will need to look into auto insurance. The lender will need to make sure that you have already factored in the cost of insurance, when talking about a payement. Show the lender you are on top of things by coming to them with a quote for the insurance on the type of car you are looking to buy. When it comes to getting your new car being proactive helps.

Thanks for taking the time to read our tips. Good luck in finding your car.

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