Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Community Auto Credit is located near Dallas, Texas. We have partnered with companies nationwide to help you get the auto financing you need. The best way to find out if we have partners in your area is to fill out an application and our system will automatically try and match you with a lender in your area.
We are an Internet based company and meet with vendors by appointment only. Occasionally, we will hold workshops or participate in trade shows where we are happy to answer questions and meet with potential customers.
Community Auto Credit is different than most online companies in the sense that we believe every customer is worthy of communication whether positive or negative. Some companies will not contact you if you do not meet certain criteria.
Typically, you will receive a call within 24-48 after your application has been placed with a network partner. In the event you do not receive a call please contact us immediately.
The first step is to apply. The application process will help us gather enough information to give you a better answer.

Finance FAQs

We are required by our network partners to request your social security number. If you do not include your social, your application will not be placed on our network.
No, Community Auto Credit does not run credit. A lender or auto dealer may, but we ask all of our network partners not to run credit until they talk with you on the phone or you visit with them in person.
No, we do not refinance vehicles as we do not provide loans. We are working on integrating auto refinance services.
We do not make or fund auto loans. Community Auto Credit matches car buyers with local lenders and auto dealers. It is possible that we can match you with a local lender that can provide you with the financing you need.
Many folks have similar questions. While we don't know specifically the exact type of lender or auto dealers in your area, we cannot help you until you complete the online form. Once you have complete the form, we will attempt to place you with an auto dealer or lender that works with your type of credit. In the event there is no lender or dealer in your area, we will attempt to find a dealer or lender in another location typically within a 25-50 mile radius.

Vehicle FAQs

The inventory online is only representative of the vehicles network partners have. Once you are contacted by a network partner you can inquire about current inventory. In the near future, we will be working on real-time inventory.