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Car Warranties

Many times when buying a car you will be promised different kinds of warranties. It is important to understand before you buy what your warranty covers. Here are a list of the common types of warranties offered.

The best type of warranty you can receive is a "bumper to bumper" warranty. These warranties are designed to allow you to buy a car with the confidence that if something goes wrong they will be there to fix it. Bumper to bumper often exclude regular maintenance such as oil changes and other parts that normally ware out like tires.

The warranties that get you the best bang for you buck are general warranties like the bumper to bumper. Warranties that cover specific parts, like batteries or tiers, often are nothing more than you prepaying for a service you may or may not need. For parts that are designed to wear out your best bet is to set aside an extra $20.00 a month with your car payment and when these expenses come arise.

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